Friday, July 27, 2012

Numbers game

When I finished the batch of sewn gifts I hit another 20 point milestone. When I first conceived of this project my hope was to use one yard a week, but because of the efficiency of sewing (and my current obsession) it is pretty easy to exceed that. So the numbers are:
  • Rollover from last batch = 4pts
  • New seat covers = 2.5pts. Technically this is not a sewing project, but it involved fabric leaving the sewing room so it counts. I calculated the amount of fabric used by figuring out the area of each seat and multiplying it by 3 -- for the burlap on the bottom, the layer of batting, and the exterior fabric. Then I divided that number by the area of one yard of fabric. This was an epic project. The chairs look great, but it took a long time and the difference from the earlier recovering jobs to the most recently completed one is vast.
  • Sunhat Disaster 2: The mother of all hat disasters = 1pt
  • Stuffy repair = 1pt. I made several repairs to my son's stuffed animal collection. New eyes for Mama Bear, some stitches for his alligator, etc. Alligator had been hanging out in the sewing room for months now, so I am happy that she is out.
  • Backpack for L = 1pt
  • Wiksten tanks = 2pts
  • Backpacks for E & L =1pt 
  • Little girl backpack = 1pt
  • Backpack for Cy = 1pt 
  • Backpack for A = 1pt
  • Summer PJs for me = 2pts 
  • Wiksten 3 for Mylinda = 1pt 
  • Sleep shorts for mom = 1pt 
  • Playday dresses = 2pts
  • Boxers for brother = 1pt 
Total points: 22.5pts

There will be no prize for me this time because, frankly, I have not been refraining from purchases. It is very hard to resist discounted remnants, people!! Or pretty voile for a future pair of bloomers. Or cheap, cheap yardage at the thrift store. It's a good thing I am on a sewing kick otherwise my craft room would be even more crowded than it is!

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