Friday, August 31, 2012

Catching up

The problem when your hobbies have hobbies is that at some point something has to give. It wasn't enough that I started up sewing again, I had to start a blog to go along with it. I have done quite a bit of sewing over the last month, but not so much with the blogging. Let's see if I can summarize some of what I have done this month . . .

Sewing has really been a boon to my gift-making life. It is far easier to whip up something sewn than something knit. For a four year-old friend of ours, I wanted to borrow an idea I found on Pinterest. I saw these great, but pricey toy mats that converted to a bag that stores the toys. I use one of the great Japanese fabrics in my stash to make a puzzle mat/bag. I made a drawstring casing by finishing the edges with a strip of coordinating fabric. When the mat is open it is big enough to complete a small puzzle on. When you are done you can pull the drawstring closed to make a carrying nap sack.

A project that I have been thinking about for much of the summer was the Sunki dress for my niece's birthday next week. After much consideration, I choose a lovely polka dot from Lecien's Color Basic line as the main fabric and Martha Negley Farmington Feathers in pink for the contrast fabric. The project came together quickly once I had the fabric. The pockets were a bit tricky and I think I would make them a tad deeper next time. I would definitely make this dress again! I also made the leggings. It wasn't the disaster that I feared it would be. I need to work on my technique and hope the Craftsy class on working with knits that I am taking will help me improve. When I do, I am planning leggings for myself in every color I can think of!

Next week my little one will head off to his first away from home care! It's a new program nearby and parents have been helping get set-up. I offered to make several of the things they needed sewn--placemats, napkins, mat sheets, and  aprons. So far I have made a set of six placemats with table setting silhouettes, 12 napkins, and two sleeping mat sheets. I am using fabric that was already in my stash, with a little augmentation from fabric I got at a garage sale ($1 for a shopping bag filled with cottons) and a few yards I picked up at Broken Things for $6. This is just my first round, so I may attempt to put together a couple of tutorials. This project was great for my point system garnering me 6 points!

Wait, what? No Seam Allowance, you might ask. I have been working on some clothes for me, but will have to report in another post. The sewing machine calls.

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