Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sew much sewing to do

My summer break has officially begun! I have so many plans for my sewing it is crazy. Right now it all seems achievable (side note: I have shown remarkable restraint in avoiding the obvious sewing puns in the last two sentences). Last summer I made a couple of skirts and started a dress, but wasn't in the frenzy I am in right now. Here is my to-do list copied over from Evernote:
  • Summer vacation pants 2 in brown linen remnant
  • Scoop Top 2 in bird print knit possibly with white knit as underlining
  • Tank dress (view E) in green knit
  • Jumpsuit  (view A)
    • muslin (lightweight white/blue/beige print)
    • wax print
  • Endless summer tunic
    • muslin (lightweight chambray)
    • Feral childe
  • Polly in quilting cotton with possibly a chambray or polka dots with rice bag fabric or crazy thrifted fabric and a navy solid?
  • Billow dress (see previous post) 2 in Nani Iro double gauze
  • More Phoebe style skirts (slash/spread A-line with contrasting pocket)
    •  Wax print
    •  Essex linen/cotton with liberty quilting for pockets

To make (stash) matters worse I bought some gorgeous fabric at AVFKW's First Friday Fabric sale that I have no plans for yet. I am calling this What to do with the khadi? I bought one yard each of the two fabrics in the foreground: 

  • Shirt with sleeves?
  • Something from Japanese sewing books?
  • Wiksten?
Oh, and then, Verb releases their second pattern! Introducing the Uptown Top--just when am I supposed to get to that one?

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