Monday, May 14, 2012

In which I do the numbers

 It is time to do the numbers because I have achieved my first 20 points! It has only been a few weeks since I conceived of this project, but I am counting projects since the beginning of this year when I vowed to dump my stash. The first three projects were pre-proclamation. The rest were since mid-April.
  • Curtains for the neighbors. This project was not from my stash, but that bag lingered in my sewing room long enough to count. I have no idea of the yardage = 1pt
  • Matching PJs for my friend and her daughter = 2.5pts
  • Yoga mat bag for my MIL = 1pt
  • 2 little pouches for 2 little girls = 1pt
  • Yoga mat bag for me = 1pt
  • Dress N from Stylish Dress book = 2pts
  • Fixed cute sweater I bought second hand with a split sleeve seam* = 1pt
  • Fixed grey shirt where I took out the side tag and split the seam* = 1pt
  • Hemmed green cords that I bought second hand over a year ago* = 1pt
  • Hand "blind-hemmed" door skirt = 1pt
  • Sunglass case disaster learning experience = 1pt
  • Tiny boy sunhat = 1pt 
  • The long suffering duvet* = 9.5pts 
    Darling Ranges pattern by Megan Neilsen
Total=24 points! 

With these projects I added five articles of clothing in or back in to my wardrobe, I made five gifts, and learned that screw-ups are important sewing lessons. Plus, I got to reward myself!

A few weeks ago A Verb for Keeping Warm's Kristine and I talked sewing for a long time. I went on and on about the rage around the Darling Ranges dress by Megan Neilsen. When I went back in the other day, she had started carrying Megan's patterns. I knew immediately what my reward would be! I can't wait to start planning my Darling Ranges.

*I moved all of these mending/alteration projects from my old house!