Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Being new to sewing blog scene I have just caught on to Me-Made-May. While I don't think that my sewing output could clothe me for long, I do have my knitting to add to the mix. Since weather in the Bay Area can shift from warm to cool to cold within an hour I might be able to wear something handmade every day this month (with repeats, of course).

A third life!
Today is May 8th and I am wearing my door skirt. This skirt started its life as a highly gathered small waisted circle style skirt that I bought at Goodwill many years ago. At the time I had just taken an A-line skirt class and made a simple skirt with waist-facing and an invisible zipper, so I harvested this awesome fabric to make another. I took off the waistband, washed the fabric, ironed it and cut out the pieces to preserve the original blind hem. The result was vaguely cute, but honestly the waist was too low and it was way too long. I wore it once and awhile, but eventually it went back to the sewing room to be harvested for something new. A few weeks ago I tried it on to see what could be done with it. On my post-baby body the skirt fit at my natural waist, but was still too long (apparently I had grown around the middle, but failed to get any taller) so I sucked it up and re-hemmed by hand in an attempt to make a blind hem. The hem is so-so, but the skirt is much cuter and will be worn more often! Plus it was one point towards my stashdown efforts.

As it turns out without even trying I had been participating in MMM for a few days:
  • May 7th: One of my five-minute skirts 
  • May 6th: Dress N from Stylish Dress Book (picture to come)
  • May 5th: the Penumbra T 
  • May 4th: not exactly true to the spirit, but I wore a pair of pants I've had for over a year and finally hemmed last week, so it feels like I made them (plus I got a point since they were out of the sewing room). Beyond that I can't remember what I wore, but not bad for unintentional participation.

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  1. I am so happy you are blogging about your sewing adventures!!! I love Stash and Burn, and now sewing in the mix? Awesome! I have just taken up sewing again and so I am happy to have a really fun blog to go to for inspiration...thanks so much and keep up the great work on both the knitting front AND now the sewing front!