Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hello, June!

MeMadeMay was a bit of a crazy whirlwind! I am really happy I participated and put my mind to some serious sewing this month. Let's run the numbers.
  • 28 days of wearing MeMades
  • 25 days of unique MeMades
  • 3 new wearable garments (Vogue 8815, Wiksten dress, and vacation pants knock-off) 
  • Muslins galore!
Doing this much sewing is giving me confidence to push my ideas and figure out how to adapt parts of patterns to fit my vision of the garment that I want. I think I came pretty close with my vacation pants and hope that the next version will get a little closer. Right now I am working on a dress that has been bouncing around in my head for some time. Inspired by these two dresses:

I am working on a no closure summer dress. I want to be able to wear it both loose and belted. And, at least this iteration, is fully lined. It's not quite done, but here's a tiny peek:

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  1. Amazing stuff!!! Well done Nicole:))) I too share my sewing passion with knitting and crochet. At timesfeel totally disloyal to one or the other but it's mostly empowering!!! Knowing I could make my own underwear, dress and then team it with some cool knitted socks and a cardigan rocks my world!!!
    I feel very clever even though my world is surrounded by pre school stroppiness and play dough;)))
    P.s how do I follow your blog??? I can't find a link anywhere:(((