Thursday, May 29, 2014

Me Made May Day 29: Summer vacation pants

A couple of weeks ago I pinned a cute pair of pants:

At the same time I realized that I was in desperate need of summer pants. I first thought of drafting the pattern from scratch, but then remembered that there was a pair of elastic waist pants in Simple Modern Sewing that would only need pockets drafted. Around that time I had another fruitful visit to Broken Things/the Depot that yielded a couple of yards of rayon linen (and a couple other fabrics, of course). I was set for a muslin, and a wearable one at that.

I'll be upfront and say that I made a key, rookie mistake and forgot that Japanese patterns expect you to put the seam allowance in. The good news is that the pants are baggy enough that the loss of fabric resulted in a slightly slimmer silhouette, but not too tight. That said, next time I make these pants I will add in seam allowance. I think the place that needs it most is north of the waistline. These sit too low and would be less fussy if the waist sat about an inch or so higher. Also, those pockets? Too big. 

The pattern instructions suggest cutting the pattern perpendicular to the selvedge so that you can use the semi-finished selvedge as the hem edge. I have enough brown linen to make another pair with changes and I will try this hem finish. I am also wondering if I could pull off a pair in wax print. Print pants are all the rage, so why not give it a shot? I wore the pants to work today and paired them with my Goodale sweater in Miss Babs Yowza. I LOVE the color of this sweater and the pockets so much that I can overlook that it is a one button sweater.

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