Saturday, May 3, 2014

MMM Day Three: Blank Slate

Last night I serged the raw edges and sewed together the muslin Wiksten. My plan is to use shirring at the sides to bring in the waist, but as I look at the blank slate of this dress I have so many ideas of what I could do. I could create a channel at the waist and have a drawstring to bring it in or leave it loose depending on the look I want. I could add pockets--either in seam or on the outside. This is chronically my problem whether it is new fabric or yarn, I am often paralyzed by the possibilities.

Today, the muslin went through the wash and came out shorter than I would have liked, but otherwise the fit is fine. This afternoon was Seam Allowance studio time at A Verb for Keeping Warm, which is a great time and space for me to trace and cut since there is a nice tall table there. I traced pieces for view A and C of Vogue 8815 and the top of Vintage Simplicity 6296. I also cut the pieces for a muslin for view A of the Vogue pattern, but ran out of fabric before I could cut the back pieces of the Simplicity pattern. All in all I made good progress today!

I wore two different Me-Made shirts today. One is a hack of the Taproot Tunic (from Issue 8 of Taproot Magazine). I made it longer and am surprised that I like it less than the original cropped version. I am not crazy about this version. I can't quite put my finger on the root of the problem, but it is probably all the little things: I am not crazy about the color, the fabric is not a great weight for clothing, and it slips off my shoulder (my first one does not do that). The other shirt I will save for another post, suffice it to say I like it better but it also slips off my shoulder.

Taproot Tunic 2 & Finn the Human

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