Sunday, May 18, 2014

MMMay Day 18: Pink!

Back when I made my Rooibos skirt I also made a top to go with it. I wanted to make a loose fitting cotton jersey top and had the perfect top to base it off of. Unfortunately, my knock-off version made it look like I was a wall of pink:

It's just so much unrelenting pink and it kind of looks like a man's t-shirt. Recently I went to either wear it or toss and decided to take a pair of scissors to it to see if I could improve it. I opened up the neckline (I should have restrained myself there since I am now forever yanking up the neck), shortened the sleeves, and curved the front hem. I like it much better now, even though it requires me to always wear a camisole.
I missed blogging yesterday and, truthfully, I rested in terms of what I was wearing--wearing only a handknit scarf (I'm giving myself a pass though it is not in the spirit of the challenge). However, I did lots of sewing and altering and prepping. I'm hoping that I am only an hour or so away from finishing Vogue 8815. Then last night I traced and cut out the crop pant pattern from Simple Modern Sewing and the top of the boat-neck jumper from the same to make into a dress. I would love to get at least the pants done tomorrow.

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  1. thanks for sharing your reworking of projects. I think about sewing clothes all the time, but successful projects are few and far between,,, mostly i just work so slowly on clothes even though that is what i want to focus on someday. I love the podcast!