Tuesday, May 20, 2014

MMMay Day 20: Vogue 8815

After a muslin, pattern redrafting, and changes to this version I was able to wear my Vogue 8815 today. I like it, but I am not in love with it. I made so many changes to the pattern in the two versions that I am starting to thinking I should have made a different size. Instead of a 12 with a graded waistline, perhaps I should have made a 10 with a graded waistline. After getting to a waistline that didn't feel too tight I still had a lot of fabric to remove from the torso. Even in this version you can see some buckling at the sides (though that wrinkle above my bust line is more a fabric issue than a fit issue). The second round of changes looked like this:
  1. Redraw side seams
  2. Make armhole 1" deeper
  3. Move dart apex down 1"
  4. Take neckline & back neck down 1/2-1"

What I didn't realized was that by taking the shoulders up as I did meant I should have made the bodice another 5/8th of an inch longer! So if I make this pattern again I will need to:

  1. Make the bodice longer
  2. Make the skirt shorter (this photo makes it look too long, which it might be)
  3. Move the dart apex up a 1/2"
  4. Fix gaping at the neckline (though that might be poor tape application)
That said, I might just make the size 10, but change the waistline size and location, the armholes, and shoulders before the muslin. Alternately, I have a couple of other peplum tops to try. There's the loose-fitting Simplicity 1362, which could make a nice, easy sundress, and then there's the princess seamed Simplicity 1425, which might be easier to alter.

In the meantime I need to go dig out an old skirt to wear for tomorrow's Me Made!

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