Friday, May 2, 2014

MMM Day Two: The Possibilities List

After ten years of trying various Alongs (Knit Along, Gift Along, etc.) I have learned that I do best in those with the least amount of structure. If I commit to a specific project or make a list of what I am going to do I am certain to stray from that immediately. Instead, I present a list of possibilities for this month so I don't lose track of the things I am meaning to do, but don't necessarily have to do.

Vogue 8815
  1. The Shirred Wiksten dyed tank dress (see yesterday's post)
  2. The brown corduroy skirt. This is a skirt that I cut out a long, long time ago. The pieces have been serged, but it has yet to be assembled. I am not at all confident that this skirt will fit. I think my best bet is to sew it together as is and then see if I can take it in. If not, I will give it away.
  3. Vogue 8815 was a Pattern Review Best Pattern 2012. There are dozens of positive reviews and endless ways of hacking this one. I can see it in woven and knit. I'd love a dress length one. First, though, I will fit the bodice, lower the neckline, and move the zipper (if it is even necessary once that neckline gets lowered.)
  4. Skirt adjustments. I have many skirts where I put so much work into them and/or I love the fabric that need to be taken in. There is my original A-line muslin, this one from the fish fabric I got at the East Bay Depot, and my beloved re-purposed vintage fabric skirt.
After this my eyes start to get too big for my, um, presser foot? For now I will keep these projects in mind. 

OH! And before I forget, I am wearing something I made (and . . . don't tell anyone . . . is currently safety pinned in place). It's my self-drafted skirt from a re-purposed vintage skirt. I love this fabric and held onto it for over a decade before using it. I will probably reuse again and again it until it literally falls apart. 

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