Wednesday, May 21, 2014

MMMay Day 21: Red Denim Skirt

This is probably the oldest Me Made that I still wear and it is definitely the one that I have worn the most over the years--so much so that I can't believe I haven't made a whole fleet of these skirts. I used Simplicity 5460, but over the years this skirt has been altered a few times. I have shortened it twice from just covering my knee to just at the knee to where it resides now above the knee. Then yesterday in order to be able to wear it today I took it in at the waist. Given the age of this skirt I did a quick job and drew in a quarter inch pinch at each side seam. I curved the line to nothing at the hip and widened it a smidge so the waist facing would fit inside. I still love it. Time to make another!

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