Monday, May 12, 2014

MMMay Day 11: Wiksten Wearable Muslin


It was a sunny fiber-filled day in Oakland.  It was so warm that I could bust out one of my Wiksten tanks--the original one I made out of a sheet as a wearable muslin--and wear the one pair of "shorts"--cutoffs that I made in the last brief heatwave we had--that I will leave the house wearing. A took this Mother's Day portrait of me as evidence for today's Me Made.

He and John went off to a birthday party and I spent time working on the tank dress from yesterday and the peplum top. I sewed on the armbands for the tank dress, which did fix the weird gaping. I also pinned out the excess fabric and read a little about moving darts to the seams, which I will do on this dress and then transfer that change to the pattern. I think it will also require me to add some length to this dress, but I haven't quite worked that out yet.

I started adjusting the pattern pieces for the Vogue top starting with the peplums by adding .25" to each piece to compensate for the extra width that will be gained through narrowing the darts. I was able to adjust the upper front piece and trace a second copy of the upper back piece. I am making a ton of modifications on this pattern, but in the scheme of things it hasn't taken that long.

Later I met my family up at Verb for a great workshop on dying silk scarves with natural dyes where you could bring your kid! Since dyeing the fabric for our placemats and our napkins A has been asking to to some more so he was super excited for this class. Kristine showed us a variety of ways to resist dye and we chose to take plants from the dye garden, wrap them in the scarf, tie everything up, and dunk them in the dye vat. It was so amazing when we unfurled our first scarf and saw that some of the plants had not only left their dye, but their actual imprint. I will post close-ups eventually.

The day concluded with the monthly Seam Allowance meeting. We are about to complete our second year of this endeavor and I can say that I have many more Made by Me garments than I did when we started. I got to see at least six version of the Endless Summer Tunic and was excited to hear that paper copies would be in from the printer soon. Given what I am working on at the moment I can probably wait until next month to pick that pattern up.

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