Friday, May 16, 2014

MMMay Dia 16: Rooibos skirt

After making my original Rooibos dress, I thought that a skirt from the bottom of the pattern would be adorable, allow for crazy fabric mixing, and have the best pockets ever. Shortly before Day of the Dead 2012 I set to work making a skirt using the bottom half of the dress pattern. In my mind it was going to be as easy as cutting it down at the waist and putting in a zipper. You will not be surprised when I say it wasn't that easy. In order to get the pockets in a spot where they'd both look good and be useful I cut the skirt at a place that was wider than my waist. I suppose at that point I could have made it an elastic waist skirt, but I think it would have ruined the lines of the skirt. Instead I set to work shaving off circumference at each of the seams. Eventually, it got to a workable waistline. I have since changed the hemline twice and I really like it. I actually think I could use another skirt like this, although this time I will redraft the pieces and maybe make a muslin. Here it is, photo courtesy of my 4 year-old:

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