Wednesday, May 28, 2014

MMMay Days 24-28: Still in the game!

As May comes to a close, I have lost my drive to blog each day's outfit. While I have continued to wear a MeMade item every day I have also missed photographing a few of those days. Here's the run down since Saturday:

Day 24: Indigo Dyed Wiksten hack

I made this tank dress from the Wiksten pattern. I used my standard mods and added a channel for a drawstring. I used about $2 worth of muslin, then took it to the Possible show at the Berkeley Art Museum for an open Indigo dip. The result looks like a very faded denim. It is shorter than I would normally wear a dress, but I was in Sacramento this day and it was very hot.

Day 25: Rooibos skirt, day 2

This was my first repeat day, but affirmed my love of this skirt. I need to decide if I am going to take the panels apart to make a master pattern or if I am going to try to draft from the finished object. No photo.

Day 26: Art History Wiksten

Another repeat day and also photo-less, as the weather warms up I realized that I could use a number of tank tops. Perhaps it is finally time for a Sorbetto.

Day 27: Taproot One

Penumbra Tee
Yet another repeat without photo documentation--this one is really a favorite. When I made the second version of the Taproot Tunic I extended the length, but ultimately I like this version better. I have made a date with some friends to get them started sewing and this is the pattern I am going to start them on. Even if the style doesn't appeal to everyone (which I actually think it will given the crowd I run with), it is a great way to build confidence because it comes together so quickly.

Day 28: Penumbra Tee

Finally! A unique MeMade! I made this knit top back in 2011-2012. It's a cute pattern from Knitscene, but my execution has some issues. Part of the problem is that the yarn is too stiff for this pattern so the bottom flares out oddly. I also think the neckline is too low. This is one of several sweater project that I am considering ripping out and re-purposing the yarn. I recently saw this sweet tank that I think would get more use than this top.

Tomorrow holds a new MeMade, perhaps the last one of the month. Who knows? I might eek one last project out!

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