Tuesday, May 13, 2014

MMMay Day 13: Denim Rooibos

This is the second Rooibos dress I made. The first required me to do so many alterations that I had to use the pattern again. I finished the dress shortly before I started running so it is now a size or two too big. It's still wearable and I like that I can pull it on over my head. The part that I don't like is the way the skirt hangs. I think this is an issue of fit combined with the material. While not a heavy denim, I think it needs to be more fitted to work. You can probably see that I am pulling at the sides to make it lay flat.

I altered the pattern significantly, mostly to get the bust to fit. If I were to make this again I would definitely just go down a size or two. I also made an adjustment to minimize fabric bunching in the back (what I now think might have been a swayback adjustment). This version has two major modifications. One you can see--I changed the neckline to be rounded. The other you can't see--I raised the back as I didn't feel comfortable with the low back for a work dress.

I didn't get to my wearable version of V8815 today, but I did do some more altering of the tank dress so the rest of my sewing time today will be devote to picking out the old seam and deconstructing a thrifted top. Off to find a seam ripper!

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  1. I like this dress! Maybe after you adjust the bodice to fit tighter it will be easier to wear. Keep up the good work...eventually you'll have the alterations you need down pat :-)!