Thursday, May 8, 2014

MMMay Day Eight: Sweater weather

Maybe this is my lucky May! It was a bit chilly when I left work yesterday so when choosing my clothes for today I picked out my Papillon sweater. I have only worn it twice before because I had decided the sleeves were an awkward length and needed to be lengthened. My devotion to all that is Me-Made-May let me wear it awkwardly lengthed sleeves and all.

I got to sewing as soon as I got home putting together my muslin for Vogue 8815. A few things were immediately apparent:
  1. I could not live with a neckline that high
  2. The waist was a little snug
  3. The straps were too wide
First, I took the pattern for Wiksten and transferred the front neckline and strap width over to the muslin. This was a little trickier for the back because there are back darts. I ended up not making the back straps wide enough, but will fix that in the pattern re-draft. I sewed a smaller seam allowance at the waist to alleviate the snugness and came up with this:

Not bad, but there are a few more things to correct. Next time I will:
  1. Bring up the straps
  2. Take in the extra fabric at the armhole and shorten the armscye
  3. Lengthen the body about 5/8ths of an inch
  4. Widen the waistline by another .5-1" (although this might have to wait for the redrafting).
Once that is done I will transfer changes to paper and make a wearable muslin. I am wondering if some of that could be achieved by using the size 10 for the upper body and grading out for the waist. I will sleep on it.

I love the new neckline and plan to make my "real" version in Anna Maria Horner voile with a skirt length peplum. Check me out, sewing like a big girl.

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